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Have you spent months or even years trying to make your first sale online?
Have you spent dollars after dollars on the latest shiny object that promised it was the answer to growing your business?
It has gotten to the point that it’s just not happening quick enough … or at all!


Hi Fellow Online Marketing Entrepreneur!

My name is Kate L McCarthy.

Why do so many people not make a cent online?  It’s not for lack of trying…
At the time I wish I knew.  What I wanted to know was the quickest way to obliterate my money pain.  The ship was sinking and I wanted off.

So yes, I was standing where you possibly are.

Frustrated with all the money I had spent on programs, plugins, advertising that just didn’t give the returns…  Not to mention the time spent on those either! I was motivated and excited but totally green and even though I was told to drive traffic to my affiliate link, I had no idea and was trying everything.

Not helping matters I chose to enter online marketing to help our family financial situation when I was on maternity leave with no money coming in.  I wanted to prove I could do this on my own and at the end of my leave I still didn’t have any sales coming in to balance the money going out. Things were not looking good on the home front.

I can’t tell you how bad I was afflicted by Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).  Every time a jvzoo or a marketer’s email came through I would start to shake because this one had the answer and was going to help me break the drought.   The sales videos were great, they did their job, I got the product, sometimes the OTO and most of the time never looked at it again.


Why was I doing this again?  I had previously been in MLM and wasn’t fond of that style of business, what had possessed me to go into online marketing while I had no money coming in, a toddler and a newborn; heck I knew nothing about marketing.

Our family business relies on the weather and Mother Nature isn’t the best business partner so there was no way I could have it shoulder my new direction.   My credit card was maxed out, double figures in my bank account and no one understood what I saw in online marketing because there were no physical results. I felt like I was all alone with a huge mountain in front of me and my prize had an impenetrable climb.

During my maternity leave I maintained my eldest child’s childcare routine and I worked on my online business while my newborn slept (he was a good sleeper).  I may not have achieved what I wanted but it was a good chance to get my head around a new industry.

It was a shock the system when I returned to my part-time work after 12 months and my available time became increasingly limited and I could only pursue my online business during the children’s day sleeps which rarely occurred at the same time.  I felt so restricted and had no control of my time with two children under 3,so then of course I felt guilty.

The spiral down started and after visiting my doctor got diagnosed with post natal anxiety. The stress I had put myself under did not make me fun to be around or in the right head space to achieve the dreams I had for so long thought about.

My freedom to choose a different lifestyle now seemed so far out of reach I felt like giving up.

Thank goodness I didn’t give up though! mind-set

My ‘Why’ was so strong.  I had nurtured my dreams and had three very good reasons that I sucked it up and got on with it.

“Dreamers never become non-dreamers,
but non-dreamers can become dreamers”

So here we are, you’ve heard my woes, well the watered down version, you have gotten this far so you obviously relate on some level.


Let’s look at why I entered the world of online marketing (and maybe you did too):

a)      wanted to start making money right away
b)      didn’t want to spend too much time doing it
c)      learn it right away with no lag time before you start earning profits!
d)      Sack the job!
e)      More time doing what you want to do.

My mind was made up, if I was going to make money online I wanted to make a filthy amount of income that would change my lifestyle dramatically. I was going to


My ‘why’ was the most important part of the formula.  If I kept my eye on that – I could achieve anything.   There were people around me making the money I wanted to make and living the life I wanted to live.  I knew it worked.  I just had to make it work for me.


I researched various businesses that offered what they call Top Tier.   What struck me about this type of business was you put no extra work into getting the bigger commissions than you did the smaller commissions.  I was over the businesses that said you could earn $** a day with little or no work.   What they didn’t tell you was the time it took to get those small dollars and the number of people flogging it in every facebook group clogged up the page that it wasn’t worth looking there anymore – or promoting it.

My business background is administrative so systems were a big part of my ‘had to have’ check list – it had to have a system!  And an easily duplicable one at that.

While I was at it, the other things I was adamant I would not do were make sales calls, do home parties/party plan, attend weekly presentations or be in a business that set a monthly income benchmark that you had to reach. 

My family time was precious with my little ones and already eaten up by part-time work, the learning curve of a new online business and assisting my husband with his agricultural contracting business.

I was determined to have more time with my children, my husband and to work the hours I wanted.  LOL!  I even want to sack my husband’s business so he could work because he wanted to, not because he had to (we did get married for a reason 😉 ).

If I could find a business that not only ticked all my boxes but could also allow me to help others, I am a coach afterall, I would be in heaven.

My business mission since training to be a coach has been “‘to inspire and champion individuals to create growth and abundance in their personal and business lives”.   Game On!

What you give, you receive.  You don’t just teach others, you learn from them as well. What a Win Win.  We all have different perspectives; for me it’s all about the journey and guiding people to find the inner answers as well as the structures that businesses have to help you with the external ones.


You don’t have to.  You can keep on the same track you are now.  There are many gurus out there vying for business.  I am certainly no guru … I am someone who is vested in everyone I work with.  Yes making money in this game is important, without it you have less chance to help others, but the privilege is having the opportunity to help.




If you find it hard to think this way; if it is too dreamy!  Look at it in terms that you find easy to relate to…  Do you think in actuals?  Put a dollar figure to it and work backwards.  All in all, this is what I can help you with.  This is why I do what I do!


Remember I said I got to the point where my bank account had double figures (yes that does mean $–.–.  Once I saw past what I did not have and concentrated on what I had (skills, ability, access to mentors and community) I could concentrate on what I would have.

And it flowed …




No money needs to change hands, let’s talk first and see what you are looking for and see if what I offer is a good fit for you.  Complete the form below and we’ll organise a chat.


Fill out my online form.
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Before I go, there are a couple of questions I get asked all the time and I feel I need to cover them here.

Q1: Can I start an online business without any start-up costs?

A: No! Think of an online business like an offline business, they need start-up money.

Regardless whether you are offline or online with your business, you need to have products, training and/or services to sell.  You can either create your own or you can license to sell someone else’s products, services or training. If you don’t already have ‘something’ you can sell online, it takes time to create. Either way, expect to spend some money to get started.

After you have determined what you are going to sell, you need to advertise. In an online business, just like an offline business, you can use some free advertisements or you can use paid advertisements. It has been proven that paid advertisements will get you money sooner in either business.  Free advertisements can work, but again, time is a factor.

Q2: Can I do what you do without spending any money?

A: People wait until their situation is desperate to consider other options. The time to consider other options is before you lose a job, before you retire, or before you have no other options.

I recommend that you go ahead and start working towards your online business now if that is what you want to do. I provide independent business coaching and I have also partner with a number of businesses that provide systems and training that show you exactly what it takes to
make life changing commissions.  I have chosen to partner with companies that have a strong self-development focus.  Their products help develop you but also your business skills.  It helps that they all offer masterminds with industry greats who are willing to share their secrets and to help you succeed in your own business.  It is an unselfish industry.

Q3: Do I have to sell anything?

A: You would have read earlier that I refused to make sales calls.  The funny thing is I don’t actually do any selling.  My coaching generally comes by word of mouth and my online businesses are aligned with companies that do the sales calls for me.  I don’t have to do any closing. I would prefer the professional phone team contact my prospects for me and make those sales. I just benefit by getting the commissions which gives me more time to coach people to live the life they love.

Q4:  Isn’t online marketing a fraud?

A: I just love this one.  The only fraud is if you are not selling an actual product.  Whether that is an information product or a physical product doesn’t matter.  How often have you downloaded an ebook?  I have met some of the most amazing people from all over the world that I first started communicating with online.  The fact that their traditional industries ranged from finance, training, teaching, engineering, therapeutic and business services amazes me how diverse the online marketing industry is.  There is no meter on what you have to be to enter this industry.  Online marketing is just that, you are marketing services online. You don’t have to know anything to get started. I knew absolutely nothing about this industry when I got started.  If I had believed my history was important, I would still be in double figures working for someone else.


What I knew was … people were successful in this industry and I had enough belief in myself (after the journey you read above) that I can do anything.  My ‘why’ was strong enough. I fought through the lack of support in my immediate circle.  If you have that same attitude, then I recommend you start your training now and see if online marketing is a good fit for you, too.


To Your Success

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