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An Internet Marketing Lesson I Learned From My 3 Year Old Daughter

Last weekend I was watching my 3 year old daughter Amelia draw a picture on our chalk board, with a little help from her brother! Trying to decipher the finished drawing that had lines and circles, I asked ‘is that our garden sweetheart?’ With a shake of her head and in seriousness said… ‘no mummy, this […]

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Easier, Faster, Better …

Living in this digital age, aren’t things supposed to be faster, better and easier? You can pay your bills online and not have to go to the bank. You can buy your movie tickets long before you even get to the theatre! Hell, you can even parallel park your car with no hands, now! But, […]

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Free Webinar: How To Leverage Facebook To Grow Your Business

Please join me for a special training session this Thursday March 5th at 9pm EST with Michelle & Bill Pescosolido.  You are not going to want to miss this! Michelle & Bill are going to share the exact Facebook marketing formula that has helped them skyrocket their online marketing business.  They’ll share the formula that has generated […]

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